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It was a cosy day, and I was sipping my coffee while watching K-Dramas in bed. Everything was peaceful until my bloody brother came into my room and spoiled the wholesome mood.

He was always a pain in the ass since childhood. Like people say the one who loves you, always teases you, but in my brother’s case, it was different. For him teasing was harassing someone that the person ends up crying, but I didn’t give a damn about him these days because the K-dramas gave me strength.

“Park fucking Jimin, how many times do I have to tell you that you should knock the door before moving your ass into my room,” I said in an irritated tone.

“My pretty ugly sis, I came here to give you an ugly ass invitation that you have to come downstairs to eat dinner,” he replied, being all calm before leaving.

He never acted calm or nice in front of me, but today was different. I did not think about it much and headed downstairs to eat my food.

As I was heading down, I saw Jimin’s beautiful girlfriend, Oh Chaerin. Since childhood, Jimin had a crush on her, but he never dared to confess. One day, one of their classmates tried to do something inappropriate with Chaerin, and then suddenly Jimin hopped into the classroom to save her. He was injured badly, but he did not regret it. He was happy that he saved Chaerin, and all of a sudden, a crying Chaerin hugged Jimin. From that day, they became close and ended up being each other’s bae.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” Chaerin asked, jubilant.

“I am fine, but I think Jimin is really happy after seeing you,” I said before darting my eyes towards Jimin, a blush crept on his cheeks.

“Ch-Chaerin and Y/N, dinner is ready. Get to the dining table,” Jimin chirped joyfully, childishly changing the topic.

We three were enjoying our meals with Mom and Dad. Since Mom was stealing glances at me, making me feel a bit uncomfortable, I finally asked her, “Mom is everything alright?”

She nodded, but still, I was stunned by her sudden behaviour.

“So Y/N when are you going to marry? All of your friends are married. Moreover, Jimin is going to marry after a few months,” Dad asked. I was confused, so I carelessly shrugged my shoulders.

My interest in boys was null since childhood. I never had a boyfriend. That was why my parents were always stressed about my marriage, but today they were calm, and I noticed they were smiling. I was not in a mood to start a conversation so I just focused on my food.

After dinner, Chaerin was about to leave, but my dad suddenly stopped her and told her to start packing. She agreed.

“Where are we going, Dad?” I asked out of curiosity.

“We all are going to Busan for a vacation, and Chaerin is also coming with us,” Dad replied.

Everyone was excited, but on the other hand, I was emotionless. I was an introvert and getting out of my comfort zone, also known as my room, was just like climbing Mount Everest, but the happiness of my loved ones was my priority, so I gave in and started packing my stuff.

While packing my luggage, I got a notification.


I am too lazy to come to your room that’s why i’m messaging you.
Dad said we will be going tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. by train.


And make sure to sleep well

Why do you care?

Because when you were born mum and dad said that
I have to take care of you as a big brother

Pffft! You never cared but why do you care today anyways bye.
Good night ChimChim.

Night Sista!


After this cute chat with Jimin, I continued packing for tomorrow’s vacation. Later I got ready for bed, but before drifting to sleep, a thought lingered in my mind: How will tomorrow go?

* * *

“Y/N dear, wake up,” Mom shouted, removing my sheets.

“Yes Mom, I am awake don’t shout,” I blurted.

I moved from the bed to do my routine and went downstairs to have breakfast with my family. While coming down, I saw that my parents and Jimin were looking happy, and they were discussing our getaway to Busan. I just plastered a fake smile on my face and sat beside Jimin.

“Hey sister, after a few hours we will be in Busan,” Jimin chirped enthusiastically.

“We will have fun because Busan is a calm city,” I said optimistically and ate the mochi from Jimin’s plate.

“Being calm is boring and you are also boring. Hey, it’s a great bond right?” Jimin blabbered while laughing like a maniac, and I rolled my eyes at his lame comment.

“Kids, we have a few hours left, so do whatever you want except wasting your energy,” Dad said before standing from the dining table.

“I am going to Chaerin’s house because she asked me to recommend her clothes for today,” Jimin said before leaving the house.

Mom was doing the dishes, while I was searching for a good book to read on Wattpad. After finding a great FanFiction, I headed towards my room to feel comfortable vibes.

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Solo is another random person who is looking forward to some writing advice. This is an excerpt taken from “His Mrs. Jeon” by Solo with permission. Read the full story here.