Submission Guidelines

We are always open to submissions.

The Guidelines That Are Here To Make Me Look Professional

  • Everyone is eligible to submit.
  • I prefer your works to be in English unless you want me to run it through Google Translate, which I don’t mind doing.
  • There will never be a theme. Your only goal is to make me feel something.
  • I am always open to poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, screenplays, and basically anything with a word. Or maybe it has no words. Literally, anything is acceptable.
  • I don’t care how many works you submit. Anything between zero and infinity is acceptable.
  • Please don’t submit works with explicit sexual content. Mostly everything except harmful themes and inappropriate messages is acceptable. If you are in doubt, just submit. The worst thing that could happen is that the work didn’t follow the guidelines. It’s not the end of the world.
  • I accept previously published works and simultaneous submissions. Please notify me if your work was published elsewhere, and if your submission was accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • When submitting, please include a short bio (less than 100 words) with your name. You do not have to give me your real name, but the bio must be written in the third person.
    • Example: John Doe is a writer. He likes pizza. He is tired. This piece was the best thing he ever wrote, and if you think otherwise, screw you, editor.

Length? What Length?

  • There is no word count as long as you don’t submit a 50,000-word monster. However, I am open to discussing if you want to submit a work that long.
  • You can submit anywhere between zero and infinity creative non-fiction pieces, fiction pieces, and screenplays. Please make them double-spaced, 12-pt font, Times New Roman. Or put them in a format easy to read.
  • You can submit anywhere between zero and infinity pieces of poetry. Please format the poems the way you want them to be published. I will confirm the format with you before publishing.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit to our email at
  • Submitting is free. Go wild.
  • Please send your work attached as a .doc or .docx file and include your short bio. Title your file “YOUR NAME_GENRE_TITLE”.