The SPOT Lit is an online literary magazine founded by a simple wannabe writer who wishes to build a community of fellow aspiring talents. I believe the culture of different generations is captured in literature, so I aim to inspire and spread previously unknown literary works to the world. I wish to share the beliefs and ideas of different people with our magazine and create an environment where everyone can appreciate different stories. And oh boy, do I mean it when I say different.


Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Overworked Editor

Gina Kotinek

"All writing is a lie, but what you feel while reading... Now that's the truth. It's wonderful—how many truths writers can create from simple lies."

Gina has been a lonely writer since she was a freshman in high school. She has struggled for years with writing, practicing different styles to find her own and studying different writers to perfect her works. But nothing fulfills her. Like Giorno Giovanna, she has a dream, and that dream started with Wattpad (sadly) and continues with the SPOT Lit. She wishes to enrich herself with the works of writers from all over the world, as corny as that sounds. For years, she has been a snob about what constitutes "good" writing, but now, she has realized everything is writing. What truly matters is what a piece makes her feel. And that is what she is here to do: find something that makes her feel.