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I saw you from my throne’s side.
Sitting, kneeling,
Midst the hundreds heeling,
Your head was bowed low
As I reached slowly for you.

At touch, freedom was aflare,
Euphoria fluttering through the air.
Past hundreds we pranced,
But chains break our stance,
Forcing our goodbyes.

If only I could see you.
If only I could feel you.
If only I could say
I love you.
Perhaps I can touch you,
Perhaps I can hug you
Before we depart,
Depart because

Vast mountains and valleys lie between us,
Red oceans that split us in two.
But when I think of today,
When my heart led astray,
I knew I’d wait
For you.

Three years were a blur,
Yet we forgot not what occurred.
For in silence, we wait
In the burdens we create
Until we meet
And soar towards Heaven’s gate.

Like angels, we dance
In a waltz of romance
All below us vile and wretched.
But in fear, we stumble,
And our love thus crumbles
As we tumble towards the crash dreaded.

Let me see you.
Let me feel you.
Let me say
I love you.
Then I could hold you,
Then I could love you
Before they pull us away,
Pull us away because

Vast mountains and valleys divide us,
Dark trenches that keep us away.
But when I think of the day
That my heart led astray
I knew I’d try
For you.

In yearning we long for surrender,
For a touch so slight and tender,
For light has never been darker,
For words have never been sharper.

Knives rain all day, all night,
Thunder booms, lightning hot white.
Their tearing, their presence all-consuming,
And in wingless gloom,
We pass fluttering bloom.

If only I was stronger,
If only I was braver,
If only I opened my heart,
Even now I could hold you,
Even now I could love you.
But it’s over,
It’s over because

Those mountains and valleys defeat us.
Dead canyons paint us red.
And even when I remember that day
My heart led astray,
I cannot do it
For you.

About Author

Gina Kotinek

Gina Kotinek is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the SPOT Lit. She can usually be found hunched over her computer, reading, writing, or searching for the art of conquering carpal tunnel and tendonitis.